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免費填表及JP認證服務需要 ‧ 華人服務社提供助移民安居

由於語言上的障礙,華裔移民對日常生活中收到的政府部門英文信件,或政府部門的一些申請表格,經常有不認識和理解的情況,例如房屋(Housing)申請表、中心連接署(Centrelink)所寄來的信件或福利申請表格等。向來致力於社區服務工作的華人服務社,為此特別安排義工協助華裔移民填寫一些簡單的表格,幫助理解一些政府的英文來信。多年來服務社於墾思總部(Campsie) 、好市圍(Hurstville) 、唐人街圖書館(Haymarket Library) 、樂調圖書館(Rockdale Library)及艾士菲(Ashfield)等地區,提供免費填表服務。有鑒於在填寫一些表格時,可能亦需要JP 認證,墾思總部、唐人街圖書館及樂調圖書館更提供JP認證服務,協助華裔移民順利在澳洲安居樂業。

此外,華人服務社亦在多個服務點,提供新移民定居面見個案服務,其中有墾思﹑好市圍﹑悉尼市中心、博活(Burwood) 、巴拉瑪打(Parramatta)及奧本(Auburn)等地。

除面見服務外,華裔移民若有任何定居問題,亦可使用電郵 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it 或熱線電話(02)9787 8333 (服務時間為星期二和四上午10時到下午4)

欲使用以上服務,可參考華人服務社網站「服務」欄目的「移民定居和多元化服務」內所列出的「新移民定居社工服務」「免費填表服務」時間表 (更新:2017年1月)

預約請在辦公時時間,星期一至五,上午9時至12:30 / 下午1時至5時,致電華人服務社,電話: (02)9789 4587 (接通後請按「2)


CASS Chinese Schools 2017

The aims of the School are to initiate, encourage and promote the learning of Chinese language and cultural tradition through the establishment, operation and management of institutions for the teaching of Chinese language and cultural tradition. At present, the school teaches Mandarin, the simplified characters and Pinyin.



CASS was founded in 1981 and is a registered charitable organisation. Its main service objective is to provide a wide range of welfare services to the community, assisting migrants to settle and integrate into the Australian society.


Since the first day of CASS, volunteers have been one of the major pillars of our organisation. CASS is able to prosper and grow continually because we have a team of dedicated volunteers that we can be proud of.


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CASS address: 44 - 50 Sixth Avenue, Campsie NSW 2194

•     Tel: (02) 9789 4587 (office hours Mon to Fri, 9am to 4pm)

•     Fax: (02) 9718 6357

•     Website at: www.cass.org.au

•     Email CASS at: cass@cass.org.au


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